Thursday, 16 December 2010

How to Prepare for and Make a Video Résumé

Video résumés are fast becoming the trend. Making one is still as detailed as writing a curriculum vitae.

Wear a suit and choose the colors carefully. Avoid white and choose shades of blue and other pastel colors.
Put a curtain over you background or shoot your video against an empty wall.
Groom yourself properly, put on make-up, fix your hair and clean your hand nails especially if you speak with hand gestures.
Give a brief but catchy introduction. Capture the viewer’s attention and don’t waste time. Get down to the reasons why they should hire you.
Include important information from your CV and answer a few common interview questions. Do not dwell on details; everything should be concise and sharp.
Give your contact information at the end of your 2-3 minute video.
Partner your video with a printed résumé when you send it to your prospect employers.

How to Write an Impressive Résumé

In writing a résumé, you should know what points to emphasize and draw attention to. You would want some parts to be easily remembered by your prospect employer. Give an impressive résumé and secure your dream job in an instant.

Write a cover letter. This is a brief introduction of yourself including your strengths. It should also include why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.
Include an objective in your résumé that fits the description of the position you’re eyeing.
Use clear and concise sentences. Place bullet points to convey a message and use strong build-up words such as prepared, managed, monitored implemented and the likes. Focus on the things that have prepared you for that particular job.

Include symbols such as $, # and % to economize on words and to draw attention to numerical value achievements that you have.
Put the most relevant points first to strengthen your image from the beginning of your résumé.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cover Letter for Resume

The Recruitment Manager

Golf Club


Dear Sir;

I wish to seek a placement in your organization in any capacity in the light of my background as per enclosed resume.

Though I had the ambition of pursuing post graduation, I did not have the privilege of pursuing the same since my father expired just at the time of my completing degree program. I had just finished my graduation and hence I have no experience whatsoever. I can read, speak and write English and I have fairly good communication skills.

To support my family comprising my widowed mother who cannot work due to health constraints, my sister and a brother who are still in their schooling, I am prepared to take up and do any job that may be entrusted and I assure you that I shall perform the same diligently and wholeheartedly with no scope for any complaint from any source whatsoever.

I trust you will find my particulars meeting your requirement and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Very truly yours

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fashion Designer CV Template

This sample CV shall offer you with complete details that are necessary to get started for writing optimized and effective resume for your job application. Readers are always free to edit and do any necessary changes so they can tailor this sample resume according to their preference. We just hope that this sample CV Templete prepared by us shall always prove to be helpful so you can apply for your dream job in the field of fashion designing. When creating your personal resume you have to keep in mind to try and highlight all your creativity that is required to apply for the post.

Sample Fashion Designer CV

Lary Christ

Blue Diamond Street,

Berlin 0397


+ 49 20 451 845

ChristBlue@yahoomail. com


To seek the position of a reputable fashion designer and work for genuine assignments and develop better creative skills

Summary of Qualifications

  • Capable of using computer software to create some of the best fashion designs for latest works.
  • Handling wide variations of fabrics and machines to manufacture garments.
  • Have received best designer awards in college fashion show.



New London College of Fashion, four years Diploma in fashion designing


North Glasgow College, Bachelor of Arts.

Career Experience/Job History


Creative Contours

Fashion Designer

  • Designed fabrics and cloths for a number of fashion shows like fall collections.
  • Sketch designing for professional models and air line staff.
  • Worked in a team for choosing fabrics for some of the leading fashion shows.


ME Collections for Women

Fashion Tailor

  • Handled fabrics and designs for a number of people.
  • Handled a number of designing works on sewing machine and in teamwork.
  • Designed a number of wardrobes for most potential customers.


  • Appreciated by a number of professional models for designing their fabrics.
  • Organized two or three fashion shows independently for fifteen models.

Professional references upon request.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Advertising CV template

An advertising CV is used to apply for jobs in the advertising industry. Such jobs include account executives jobs, creative jobs and account manager jobs. Working in the field of advertising requires someone who is passionate about selling and promoting goods, services and products in an interesting and captivating way.

Advertising is demanding, therefore, one needs certain skills and work experience in order to work in this field. These skills include being able to pitch creative ideas to clients and staff members, being able to come up with great campaign ideas and working within a specific time and budget. The work of an advertising agent is to handle all the advertising needs of their clients.

cv templates

An advertising CV should highlight work experience in an advertising agency. This shows competency and the ability to work in this challenging field. Essential skills needed in advertising should also be included. One of these essential skills includes the ability to handle more than one account in a professional and effective manner. Another important skill is the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

An advertising CV templates should highlight the ability to work with a creative research staff, clients and management. This will require patience, tact and diplomacy since they are all different.