Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Best CV Format for Fresher

Today everyone has become very competitive. Students just after clearing their board exams start applying for jobs. But in a hurry they tend to opt for jobs that are unsuitable for them. One wrong choice made in the beginning of one’s career can ruin their whole career. It’s very important for one to be aware of what he/she likes or would like to pursue his/her career on and most importantly using a correct CV format is very essential. Everyday companies receive plenty of CVs and it becomes very difficult for them to go through every single one. A well written CV always helps a candidate to stand out from the rest. Which is why it’s important to know what the best CV format is for a fresher?

Here are some things one should be aware of. The candidate’s name along with other significant details such as address, phone number and e-mail id should be written in bold letters first. Then the person must clarify his/her objective and explain why he/she seeks the job. The candidate must put other significant details which includes their educational qualifications, experience [if at all any] along with one’s hobbies, interests. Someone who has been a part of school or college co-curricular activities actively stands better chances of acquiring the job. Hence providing a clear and brief picture of one’s skills and talents is essential. The language should be simple and formal. Attaching a recommendation from a renowned source can be very helpful.

If one takes care of the things mentioned above while making their CVs, they are good to go. However one can always look for Resume Examples online also.

Alternatives to the Traditional CV

Wondering what are the alternatives to the traditional CV? Read this segment. When we do something differently we stand out from others, don’t we? That’s exactly should be one’s purpose when they are applying for jobs. Companies receive many CVs every day; they don’t have a lot of time to read a long and lengthy CV line by line. They always are in a hurry to find a candidate who meets their requirements best. So it’s time to switch from the traditional CVs to better alternatives.

Using a traditional CV Template in the digital world is completely a waste. We live in an age where technology has advanced at great deal. Think of a modern and creative way of applying for jobs than e-mailing the CV one has probably made ages back. Be innovative. Create video resumes. Visual CVs are also very effective, which includes creating a blog, putting up your career and other significant details on social networking sites like twitter. Many people use their Linkedin profile as well. A person can also put his/her CV online. Use modern techniques, be innovative. It’s about reaching out to the social web. A perfect blend of creativity and a thorough knowledge of technology can help someone to come up with a unique and impressive CV Examples. Dare to be different.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Flight Dispatcher CV

Commercial airlines and air cargo operators employ Flight dispatchers who are responsible for ensuring that flights take off as scheduled. They work closely with the airline’s operations control center, the maintenance department, inflight crew and catering as well as airport boarding controllers to obtain the final aircraft situation in terms of weight and balance prior to clearing the flights into the hands of air traffic controllers for take-off.

Sample Flight Dispatcher CV Template

Philip S. Dorsey

Guilford St., London, UK

Phone: 020-5587-7781

Resume Objectives

To be a Flight Dispatcher in a large charter or scheduled international passenger airline

Professional Experience

2004 – Present: Flight Dispatcher, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Luton

  • Secure main and alternate flight plans for pilot’s acceptance for each flight schedule
  • Ensure fulfillment of pre-flight checklist such as adequate fueling, take off weight and balance, and maintenance clearance
  • Check weather information for visibility, cruising altitudes, alternate landing places, and fuel needs.
  • Perform weight and balance calculations with the correct information
  • Sign-off aircraft for flight release to air traffic controller
  • Complete all relevant documentation required for each flight


  • Excellent knowledge of airline operations
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills to coordinate with various organizations in dispatching each flight.


Cited by airline management for unblemished record in dispatching chartered flights over the last 3 years


2004: Obtained UK-CAA license as a Flight Dispatcher.

2005 – 2007: In-house airline operations training

2000 – 2004: BS Aerospace Engineering, City University of London


To be furnished upon request

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Computer Technician CV

Computer Technician CV

A computer technician is a person who specializes in repair, installation and maintenance of computer equipment. He repairs errors in any computer system or database. He is equipped with knowledge about hardware as well as software applications of the computer. The computer technician repairs different aspects of the computer like network, server ports and hardware and software appliances of a computer.

Sample Computer Technician CV

Fredrick Ford

Hillview Road

Germany – 8587

Phone: 75-332-67


Career Objective:

I am an experienced profession seeking for a job position in this field to enhance my skills and my work capabilities. I have good experience of handling computer programs and fixing as well as repairing technical problems related to pc.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Computech Solutions

  • Went to clients’ places for repairing and handling of computer appliances.
  • Undertook repairs of network systems and ports.
  • Repaired computers, laptops, desktops and printers.
  • Developed and modified old computers by assembling products and parts of computers.
  • Set up computer networks and maintained its working.
  • Supervised computers and programs of different organizations to ensure their efficient running.
  • Developing hardware and software programs for new modern working tools in computers.
  • Modified design and working of large computer networks.
  • Decided and arranged for tools for efficient running of the computer as per the problems occurred.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Computer Application Handling, Institute of Computer Studies.

2003-2005: Masters in Computer Application Analysis, Institute of Computer Studies.




Professional reference will be provided upon request.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

How to Prepare for and Make a Video Résumé

Video résumés are fast becoming the trend. Making one is still as detailed as writing a curriculum vitae.

Wear a suit and choose the colors carefully. Avoid white and choose shades of blue and other pastel colors.
Put a curtain over you background or shoot your video against an empty wall.
Groom yourself properly, put on make-up, fix your hair and clean your hand nails especially if you speak with hand gestures.
Give a brief but catchy introduction. Capture the viewer’s attention and don’t waste time. Get down to the reasons why they should hire you.
Include important information from your CV and answer a few common interview questions. Do not dwell on details; everything should be concise and sharp.
Give your contact information at the end of your 2-3 minute video.
Partner your video with a printed résumé when you send it to your prospect employers.

How to Write an Impressive Résumé

In writing a résumé, you should know what points to emphasize and draw attention to. You would want some parts to be easily remembered by your prospect employer. Give an impressive résumé and secure your dream job in an instant.

Write a cover letter. This is a brief introduction of yourself including your strengths. It should also include why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.
Include an objective in your résumé that fits the description of the position you’re eyeing.
Use clear and concise sentences. Place bullet points to convey a message and use strong build-up words such as prepared, managed, monitored implemented and the likes. Focus on the things that have prepared you for that particular job.

Include symbols such as $, # and % to economize on words and to draw attention to numerical value achievements that you have.
Put the most relevant points first to strengthen your image from the beginning of your résumé.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Cover Letter for Resume

The Recruitment Manager

Golf Club


Dear Sir;

I wish to seek a placement in your organization in any capacity in the light of my background as per enclosed resume.

Though I had the ambition of pursuing post graduation, I did not have the privilege of pursuing the same since my father expired just at the time of my completing degree program. I had just finished my graduation and hence I have no experience whatsoever. I can read, speak and write English and I have fairly good communication skills.

To support my family comprising my widowed mother who cannot work due to health constraints, my sister and a brother who are still in their schooling, I am prepared to take up and do any job that may be entrusted and I assure you that I shall perform the same diligently and wholeheartedly with no scope for any complaint from any source whatsoever.

I trust you will find my particulars meeting your requirement and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Very truly yours