Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Alternatives to the Traditional CV

Wondering what are the alternatives to the traditional CV? Read this segment. When we do something differently we stand out from others, don’t we? That’s exactly should be one’s purpose when they are applying for jobs. Companies receive many CVs every day; they don’t have a lot of time to read a long and lengthy CV line by line. They always are in a hurry to find a candidate who meets their requirements best. So it’s time to switch from the traditional CVs to better alternatives.

Using a traditional CV Template in the digital world is completely a waste. We live in an age where technology has advanced at great deal. Think of a modern and creative way of applying for jobs than e-mailing the CV one has probably made ages back. Be innovative. Create video resumes. Visual CVs are also very effective, which includes creating a blog, putting up your career and other significant details on social networking sites like twitter. Many people use their Linkedin profile as well. A person can also put his/her CV online. Use modern techniques, be innovative. It’s about reaching out to the social web. A perfect blend of creativity and a thorough knowledge of technology can help someone to come up with a unique and impressive CV Examples. Dare to be different.


  1. I couldn't agree more. The traditional CV is OK but the social networking sites and tools add much more to any job search.

    Many recruiters are searching social media sites for candidates instead of posting positions on job boards. They check out potential candidates' profiles on LinkedIn before contacting them. In addition to creating a profile on LinkedIn, job seekers can raise their visibility on LinkedIn by participating in groups and answering questions on the Answers section on LinkedIn. Recruiters have a favorable view of candidates who earn Best Answer by providing thoughtful answers to questions posed on the Answers section. See social networking for jobs

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