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Resume format

Hi, I will write about how to write a resume format and all about it.

Resume Format

A résumé is a summary of jobseekers’ relevant job experience and education. A resume, sometimes referred to as a CV is always the first document that an employer sees when considering employing the job seeker. Its next major purpose is to ‘filter’ applicants to be invited for an interview when an employer is seeking to recruit new employees.

Types of Resumes:

There exist several types of resumes that a jobseeker can use to apply for job openings. Depending on circumstances, job specifications or category, a jobseeker can choose from a chronological, combination, functional or a targeted resume.

Chronological Resume:

This resume begins by listing work history, with starting with the most recent. The rest follow in chronological reverse order. Employers usually prefer this resume type because it is easy to identify jobs that the applicant has done recently in comparison to his application. Chronological resume works better if the job seeker has a solid, strong work history.

Functional Resume:

This type of resume focuses on experience and skills, and not on work history. It is often used by applicants changing careers or if there are big gaps in their employment records.

Combination Resume:

This resume lists applicant’s experience and skills first then followed by employment history. This type of resume highlights the skills relevant to the applied job, and lists the chronological employment history that the employers prefer.

Targeted Resume:

This type of resume is customized to specifically highlight the skills and experience relevant to the job being applied for. It is especially very important when applying for jobs that perfectly match the applicant’s experience and qualifications.

Since employment begins at the resume, it is vital for a job seeker to come up with a resume that will impress the recruiter. We will help you write such a resume.

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